Monday, February 16, 2009

How Are We Going To Do This Year?

Some of the moves made by the Royals during the off-season are ones that Daytona Moore had the do to rev up our offense. The additions of Jacobs & Crisp will help to that end. We’ll miss Noonie & Ho Ram, but ya gotta give up talent to obtain talent in trades.

Moore has said that he’d give up offense up the middle for defense, but the corners have to be power guys. Teahen doesn’t fit into this prototype corner-fielder. So the great Teahen @ 2B experiment of 09 will be underway this spring / summer. Funny, but I still have a gut feeling that TJ just MIGHT have a shot at winning back SS (moving Aviles to 2B)… or not.

Anyway, I believe our offense will be improved (tho Gordon & Butler HAVE to become MEN for that to fully come true). Our pitching should prove to be a force.

So my fearless projection for the 2009 Royals is 90 wins… with the beginning of several post-season appearances in the next decade.

HEY… it could happen!

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