Tuesday, June 17, 2008


OK, so this is my first attempt at blogging. I’ve posted STUFF (my favorite word), but not in blog form… (the ... are also a fav of mine) in my own blog THANG (also a fav word).

This is my attempt at a Royals blog. Everyone has a story… in life as well as fandom. A brief back-story about my fandom & me is where I’ll begin.

Oh, and one thang about grammar & spelling. Both of my grammar’s were old county girls. I remember going up on Sundays for family dinners… Fried Chicken… Green Beans… Mashed Potatoes… Country Gravy &/or Noodles… And Lots Of Dessert (my Granpar said he only liked two types of pies – one crust & 2). Anyway, both Grammars are long gone, so don’t expect much of that to appear in my blog. And as far as Spelling… none of the spells that I read about or watched on Harry Potter has worked for me, so don’t expect too much from me there, either!

* * *

Growing up, I was never a Sports Fan. It seemed to me that sports were stuff you did, not watch. Baseball… Football… Basketball…Kickball… Dodge Ball… Sit On The Little Skinny Kid & Punch Him Until He Cries For Help (my fat older brother liked this game WAY more than I did). Now, I DID like watching College Football, when I was a kid. Back then they didn’t have so many instant replays from a hundred different angles (See Bob the ref REALLY blew the call… from this angle you can clearly see it’s a catch, and this one... catch, and this one... catch, and this one... catch, and this… oh, WOW, the ball skipped on the ground… that was CLEARLY NOT a catch)… yawn! Back in the day, they did more important things between plays at a College Football game… show the CHEERLEADERS! UCLA had the best… and of course… Dallas Cowboys STILL have the best Pro Football Cheerleaders.

But my playing career (or bench warming career as the case may be) came to an end at the age of sixteen… no big loss to the sports world. Here’s a thing I wrote 30 years after my “playing Career” ended.(http://tinyurl.com/e3vs7)

Living in St Joe, MO, as a baseball fan there was the Cardinals. By the mid-70’s I started paying attention to the Royals. Hardly ever got to watch them on TV, maybe once a year a group from our church would rent a bus & drive down for a game. In 1974 I started paying a LOT of attention to the Royals. In 1975, the Royals won a 90+ games and challenged the Oakland dynasty… THAT’S when I became a die-hard Royals fan… listening to the crackly AM radio & reading all I could get my hands on in the newspaper.

When Brett & McRae were fighting Carew for the batting title, I had to get the box scores & compute everyone’s average because that stuff was only in the Sunday newspaper (updated to the previous Friday)… but I kept track daily (except when the Royals &/or Twins were playing on the West Coast). Brett’s first batting title & the teams first AL West title… that was awesome. After college, I moved to KC, started watching more games on TV, went to the stadium more often and listened to Denny when I couldn’t watch them.