Sunday, September 28, 2008

Not Much Of A Home Run Derby!

When Billy Butler & Mike Avelis hit their 7th HR in early August, I thought it would be fun to track their HR's.

I thought wrong.

Oh, the "race" was tight and both banged their last HR's out in the same game of the last series. But their power surge was more like a flicker.
For what it's worth...

Billy won with 11...

one more than Mike who hit 10.

As a team, the Royals ranked way down in the league with total Home Runs... however... 7 players ended the season in double digits.

Something to build on... that's my spin!


Monday, September 15, 2008

The Last Home Stand Of 2008

During this last home stand for the Royals, I’ll be out at The K 3 times, at least!


Well, it’s like this. Being a die-hard Royals fan, I’d go to any game, any time. I’m also a family man. That means two things… games have to meet: family needs, and family budget.

Getting “STUFF” seems to be a driving force in my family’s (read son’s) desire to go to a game.

This home stand is a great example. Tuesday night is “T-shirt Tuesday” (we’ll get a long sleeved T). Also, we got free tickets in a promotion through KCP&L. Actually it WAS 2 tickets in the nosebleeds. We went to the ticket office, before another game, and tried to get one accessible ticket and 2 companions (we pay for the extra ticket). The lady at the ticket window looked all flustered, excused herself and left the window area. When she came back, she had three tickets and said we didn’t have to pay for the third one, either… Deal! Then when we looked at the tickets, we noticed they weren’t in the nosebleeds at all… no… they are Dugout Box Seats… right behind home-plate…section 101, seats 1-3… regularly $37.00, each… for free… Double Deal!! Now I’m a proud man. I don’t ask for stuff I don’t earn. But man, when someone hands me stuff like this. I smile and say, “Thanks!!!” We will even NOT bring our own food and buy their overpriced stuff… we can afford it… this time. We were planning on pre-paying for our parking (but wanted to rush off to get our banners), but they are offering parking for this series for only $5.00, so we are glad we did didn’t pre-pay $8.00 (usually $9.00 at the gate).

Then we heard they’re having $3.00 nosebleeds for this series… halfway to St Patrick’s Day (free KC caps with a shamrock on it)… add my son’s girlfriend’s birthday (next week)… and you have our second day at The K this home stand. Don’t forget the $5.00 parking!

I was thinking about going out on Saturday (take the bus & go out by myself). I casually told my wife that maybe I’d like a KC Stocking Cap. She said that maybe we should all go… cool! I decided to get the tickets when we go out on Tuesday. Now I get an email saying I can get 50% off tickets. Half off already cheap tickets fits my budget!!

Now, the last home game of the season… we’ll see.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

OOPS, He Does It Again!

Just when I give up on the Bam Bam vs Smiley - Home Run Race, Bill The Thrill bangs another out! And WHAT a bomb!!

Butler is the sixth Royals player to reach double digits in HR's this season. Buck has 8 and Aviles has 7, so there is a chance of 8 players to get there... MAN... even I have a hard time reaching for positives in this year's Royals team, again. But just as in life, one needs to relish the positives, then go on.

So I am.