Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Rick Ankiel Experiment

So the Royals are trying to “Catch Lightening In A Bottle”… again. Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea… it’s just a little redundant. I guess that is what happens when a team’s minor system isn’t pumping out solid prospects, and there isn’t a bottomless well to extract cash to BUY a contender.

But, unlike guys like Juan Gone, Ankiel should be a positive influence on the team in the locker & on the field…even though Rick is apparently requesting to be the Center Fielder. I don’t like a player telling the team (manager) when and where he should play, but who else do we have that would be better suited? But I’ve read that our outfield would be Scott Podsednik in left field, Ankiel in center and David DeJesus in right field. DeJesus had a great defensive year in left field, last year. He cut balls off and made accurate throws to the infield, but he doesn’t have a right fielder’s arm. Neither does Scott. I’d rather see DDJ in left, Pod in center and Ankiel in right. Actually what I’d RATHER see is DDJ in left, Mitch Maier in center, Ankiel in right and Pod as the #4 outfielder (though Mitch in R & Rick in C would work for me).

Anyway, I’ve also read that some fans don’t like the fact that Ankiel is “using” the Royals to give his career another kick-start. But that reminds me of a hot chick marrying a rich old man. Is she using him as a “Gold Digger”, or is he using her as a “Dirty Old Man”? The answer is, “YES!” It’s a win-win proposition (if it works). If Ankiel has a monster year the Royals will benefit on the field (ticket sales) for one year (possibly 2), then they can flip him for much needed high level prospects… in turn… he can go get his Bore-Ass deal when we’re done with him. THEN, some of our more highly touted recent draft picks may be ready to make their trip to The K.

With a seemingly weak AL Central, maybe Rick Ankiel will prove to be a boost on an otherwise weak offensive and defensive team.

Or Not!