Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tony Pena, Jr. Should Be Our SS

I know many people would like to sweep TJ under the rug… but I don’t.

The man carries a gold glove onto the field. He has the range that could help make the left side of the infield awesome. With his absence last year, Alex Gordon had to range WAY to his left to fill in the hole between third base & Short Stop. With TJ in there, Gordon could set-up closer to the line (taking away doubles down the line) and letting TJ range far to his right & gun down runners (even on his knees). The improved defense would boost our already great pitching.

With his new eyes , he can now see the ball & have better pitch recognition. It IS true that you can’t hit what you can’t see. George Brett had 20/10 vision during his playing career, and that gave him such an advantage over other players. TJ will never resemble Brett at the plate, but he showed great improvement in winter ball, after he had Lasik (AVE .275, OBP .347.). Once on base, TJ gives us very good base running speed.

The big question is whether TJ will get a true shot during Spring Training… Trey Hillman says he’ll get his opportunities… time will tell. A great spring by TJ will give MTH & GMDM more roster options. Mike Aviles can move over to his natural position at second base. Mark Teahen, Esteban German, Alberto Callaspo and Willie Bloomquist can fight out the back-up roles.

I’d REALLY hate to see Tony Pena, Jr. go elsewhere to become an All-Star Gold Glove SS.

Let The Flames Begin.

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