Saturday, February 20, 2010

We Need A Healthy Gil Meche

Meche now No. 2, but feeling fine
Royals veteran happy for Greinke, and free of '09 back pain
By Dick Kaegel /
02/19/10 6:06 PM EST

Whether Gil is “OK” about being the #2 guy in the Starting Rotation or not is of very little interest to me. The REAL question is whether Gil’s back is back. When a professional athlete looses his back, the rest of his body suffers. People run differently, and hurt their legs. Others throw differently, and hurt their arms.

The end of Gil’s 2009 season ended early and was shut down because of “arm & shoulder strain”. If indeed his core strength training resulted in a healthy Gil Meche, I’d put our #1 & #2 combination against ANY other 1-2 combination in the Major Leagues.

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